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Focus on refrigeration equipment manufacturing10
Professional ice cream machine, ice maker, fried yogurt machine manufacturer
Focus Professional
Services Professional
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Focus on refrigeration product design and production of manufacturers, support non-standard custom processing
Craftsman's spirit, excellence
Craftsman's spirit, excellence
The company's founder is engaged in refrigeration industries more than 20 years,
Has a number of technicians who have been engaged in refrigeration industries.
Provide technical advice and technical exchanges for free.
Customer first,Intimate service
Customer first,Intimate service
1 year 365 days, 1 day 24 hours online offer quotation, consultation,
The corresponding customization of many varieties, one can be customized,
Different standards can be solved.
Efficient production, fast delivery
Efficient production, fast delivery
3 to 7 days, batch 7 ~ 10 days can be delivered,
Use domestic and internationally renowned logistics
Quality such as life, product is character
Quality such as life, product is character
70% of new customers come from old customers,
In China, high-quality refrigeration products are produced in China.
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  • The product catalogue may subject to changes without pricr notice to customer due to continuous product improvement and innovation. In such cases ,the order for goods should prevail...【Detailed】
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Guangzhou Soqis Electrical Limited Company is a professional manufacturer of premium refrigerating equipment with focus on producing commercial ice cream machine, ice-producing machine, ice-frying machine, yogurt-frying machine, ice bar machine, tea bar machine and more. A series of advanced quality controlling systems have been adopted to supervise the design, produce and test processes to guara...
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